Lyrics to Bring Me Some Water
Bring Me Some Water Video:
Tonight I feel so weak....But all in love is fair
I turn the other cheek
I feel the slap and the sting of the foul night air
And I know you're only human.... And I haven't got talking room
But tonight while I'm making excuses....Some other woman is making love to you


Somebody bring me some water....Can't you see I'm burning alive
Can't you see my baby's got another lover
And I don't know how I'm gonna survive
Somebody bring me some water....Can't you see it's out of control
Baby's got my heart and my baby's got my mind
But tonight the sweet Devil, sweet Devil's got my soul

When will this aching pass....When will this night be through
I want to hear the breaking glass
I only feel the steel of the red hot truth
And I'd do anything to get it out of my mind
I need some insanity that temporary kind
Tell me how will I ever be the same
When I know that woman is whispering your name

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