Bring Back The Memories Lyrics

New Edition

Under The Blue Moon

Lyrics to Bring Back The Memories
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Baby you were in my
We were walking down
The street
When I heard a new melody

It's like a blast from the
That old song took us back
To the way that it used to

Back to bobby's house in midnight hours
The the night i asked you what's your name
Pledging our love over soda pops
And loving you more and more
Let the DJ play that special
Song again
Let's bring back the memories

Hey there Lonely Girl
I'll be your Duke Of Earl
Cause that's how it used to
I keep thinking how it must
Have been
It wasn't so long ago
Everything was so simple then
When I loved you with all my
Heart and soul
In the book of love
We're a Million To One
Let's bring back the memories

My Earth Angel
Leave a story to tell
Let's bring back these used to be's
I can make up each and every scene
I'll do-wop and then laugh at me
And I'd like to rewrite my whole
With you by my side

In The Still Of The Night

I want to know that you're mine
So bring back those memories

Bring back those memories

We're a Thousand Miles Away
Bring back the memories
Earth angel
Earth Angel
Will you be mine
Bring back the memories
Bring back the memories
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