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Lyrics to Bring Back the Dead
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[Music: Sigh, Lyrics: Mirai]

[Guitar solo by Shinichi]

Once beloved now lost forever
Wings of Angel torn by malignance

Why wasn't it me?
Living in a shadow of death
I wish it was a dream

I won't believe in salvation, (I) shouldn't be saved
I wait for my condemnation in the cold flame
Repeated suicide in imagination, Watch the coward pray
Unexpected destination, a miserable slave

Die with a hope of live in despair
Death you're dying, Life you're losing
Spiritual suicide, Life I denied
Light the night divides, Pride I denied

Now I set a fire to cremate
The treasure that will never be the same
I won't wait for the fate, lost in this shade
Past will never change, too late to be saved

Life light as a feather, so is mine
Why wasn't it me when angel smiles
So I'll live on the lies when my conscience dies
How could I stand the slaughter in this paradise?

Bring Back the Dead, in this sorrow
Bring Back the Dead, regret will grow
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