Lyrics to Bridge The Gap
Bridge The Gap Video:
What happened to the motivation? What happened to the rising sun?
The dreams and hopes of a better future are
fading away in this mess we've become.
It pains me to sit and listen to the screams and cries
of a lost generation struggling to survive in a world
spinning out of control. So much shit could have been done,
so many lives could have been saved,
and yet so many kids sit around and waste away.
Living off of daddy's paychecks and never seeing the light of day.
Taking life for granted while others mourn and suffer.
When will you realize that the days are not promised,
and there's still a chance for a better life.
Stop living like your dead and make the dreams come true.
There are so many bridges that we could build,
so many fucking goals that we must fulfill.
"There are too many bridges to build, so many fuckin goals to fulfill. Don't take life for granted"
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