Lyrics to Breathless
Breathless Video:
I have walked on broken glass before
Hiding myself deep inside
Memories of yesterday bleeding down
I have crawled a thousand miles for you
On my knees just to find out the secret window of this life

Before we go too far

Not breathing, not screaming
We've turned it back to something more broken than it was before

Stop breathing, Stop crying
We should have seen all this before
We should have tried at least once more

I've been lied to many times
Crying by myself tonight
Memories of yesterday

I have walked a thousand miles for you
Breaking down from you
Breaking down from you

Nothing's changing since you're gone
It's getting harder to go on

We have walked through the valley of the sun
Holding the sky in our hands
Shaking the world at every step we've made
But now I hear the ocean
Whispering your name
So thankful that I'm still the same
Your letters are burning down in flames
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