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(talking)So I had to memorize these rhymes until I got homeYa understand?Once you memorize a sentenceIt's like an exercise (echoes)*heavy breathing*(talking)Ya niggas can't be serious right nowI'm the all time heavy weight champion of flowersI'm leading the league in at least six statistical categories right nowBest flow, Most consistent, Realest storiesMost charisma, I set the most trendsAnd my interviews are hotterHollaI jog in the graveyardSpar in the same ringNow it's house by the buildingWhere Malcolm X was slainI spring train in the winterRound early DecemberRun suicide drills over and overWith the weight of the world on my shoulderThat's why they call me "Hova"I'm far from being GodBut I work goddamn hardI wake up the birds who in the nerves is sleepI'm catching my second wind the second the first one endI am "focused man"And I'm not afraid of deathAnd I'm going all outI circle the vultures in a van andI run the block (run)Pull up in a drop (pull up)Push up on my money (push up)I'm in great shape dunnyI keep jacks jumping thirty six setsLike a personal trainer I teach coke to stretchI pump and rock sweatsAll white trainersThe ghettoes, Billy BlanksI show you niggas what pain isMaintain your staminaHov will damage yaSpot you two rhymes y'all niggas is amateursThe fifthA dead lift ifNiggas don't want to get shot then y'all niggas better squatI drop your set for repNo need to hit the showersThe spit from the fifth leave you wetLyrical exercise(hard breathing)Y'all niggas ain't tired right?(Chorus 4X)One, OneTwo, TwoThree, ThreeFour, Breathe EasySuckersGet your weight upNot your hate upJigga man is dieselWhen I lift the eight upY'all ain't ready to workout with the boyYour flow is brain on drugsMines is rap on steroidsI lift every voice when I singMy abilityMake yours look like an exercise in futilityBring your squadBiceps, Triceps, and QuadsWe don't struggle with undeveloped musclesY'all ain't realThat's y'all Achilles HeelSame routine when you see me you know the drillI spot yaI lift the weight of the watch off your armRemain nice and calmPut down your thingsTrinidad of the game know my way around your ringNo matter how many pounds you bringIt sounds like the same old thingR-O-C is the strongest team(Chorus 4X)

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