Breathe Again Lyrics

Papa San

God & I

Lyrics to Breathe Again
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In name Listen mi eh! All my people in Texas Tel dem Mr. Franklin We're gonna go down Jamaica Not without You ah! Real quick yow! Listen check it! Papa San Watch yah

You ever let me you ever neglected me I would never breathe again Don't think I'd ever breathe again I want feel you near me Jeeesus I'm longing for your warming breath soooo I can breathe again, I want breathe again

[VERSE 1:]
I am like ship without rudder when I don't have you Hopeless lonely man don't know what do It nuh matter mi surrounded by mi friends crew Mi still breathless desperate for some ting new My lord, change my heart I am not ok it seem like mi need spiritual x-ray yu seh yu wouldn't Leave whether night or day I can do without you No way, no way, no way.


[VERSE 2:]
(Yuh know why listen mi) How can I mi just can't Seet possible How can I walk without you Di invincible How can I mi waan fi embrace Yuh principle Break mi into syllables, teach how fi Breathe again incredible Wake mi up, shake mi up, breake mi up, make mi up Build di kind character weh yuh want an, straighten Mi up Can't si mi self without you that is dangerous Dangerous, dangerous very, very dangerous


Can't make it without yu Can't make it without you Without what will I do I'm crying I'm crying out for you I need you help me Breathe Help mi breathe Huh

[VERSE 3:]
Everybody come on, everybody come on, Everybody come on Talk dem yaw All my people come on, all my people come on All my people come on Tell mi how can I 's people come on, my people come on 's people come on Talk dem yah Mr. Franklin cho Help mi breathe Breathe




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