Breaking The Rules Lyrics

Axel Rudi Pell

Game Of Sins

Lyrics to Breaking The Rules
Breaking The Rules Video:
Knock at the door, you'll see who's comin'
Debt collectors came to your mind
Wanna leave, but all around you
Crazy gamblers one of a kind
These spoilers are playing their numbers
Looking around see who's callin' the shots
You better run, run for cover
Don't turn your back while playing the slots
Here I am, back in the saddle again

I paid my dues
Don't wanna be a fool
I am the Joker's tool
Breaking the rules

Draw your card, it ain't that easy
Is it the end of a long dry spell
Goin' for broke, and tempting fate
Will you be back in the spotlight again
Bad reputation, despair surrounds you
Waking up covered in cold sweat
Will you win or will you lose
No matter what it's a daring bet
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