Lyrics to Breaking The Roles
Breaking The Roles Video:
You'll come to work, 8 to 4, till we don't need you anymore, dress up the way i wanna see you, and slave for the company, shave and shower every day, and kiss some asses,that's the way to become a well-paid business-guy like me! The answer: fuck you that's not what i'm gonna do,i won't sell my time on earth to you,cause i've got so much better things to do,fuck you and your fucked up system too,i won't stand in line to end up like you,i don't think i'll do You'll stay at home all your life, as fuckmachine, mum and housewife, cause that's your holy destiny in "man"kinds hierachy, clean, cook, wash, shut up, and fuck, consume all shit and serve the shmuck, like the companies just told you on tv.

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