Breaking Rules Lyrics

Ray West

Ray's Café

Lyrics to Breaking Rules
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Sometimes, we take advantage of the things
That we love the most
It's like the voice that's backing us
The one's that are backdropping right here

Eight times I've bent the rules
And dubbed in too much booze
No precaution, takes out
From my stressed out mood
No linger and losses, my man's gone
And that ain't cool
I see you when I get there,
Hopefully not soon
Gone to Susu, my payday is
Next on the chart
Call it a round robin, this is how this work
I'm much obliged by an invite extended by Raid
Up to Silo Cafe, so I don't have to pay
Only gentlemen do things like this
Young, so learn something
I light cigars from the dudes that wanna burn smth
Beneath my ways the air is warm
I vision eighty looking down from the Kingdom of God
This how I see things, read things
I'm not allergic to a beast thing
On flesh no more I'm not feasting
Least things aside, focus on his head now
No war, my wrecking ball demolishes and tears down
This new topic is on top of your cruise and at it
Outta here, you got this, figure it

Sometimes it be that way
Or what am I supposed to
(All I can say is you gotta love it)
For us is all about breaking rules
We do what all we wants to do

So what?
My balls unequal
My legend permits me
The past imblinks when I'm writing lyrics
Ears open up ad pay attention
Fees are given, advices, be quiet
But first of all, respecting
I know these other guys lullaby your attention span
As the sand runs out inside the hourglass
Which means time passes and I'm timeless
Never could be a hazard
Weight gain, I resort the fastest
Slips digga, back on track
Clean up, my man!
Enough of the players, time to put in that work
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