Lyrics to Breaking Night
Breaking Night Video:
So I'm breaking night
Until I see the sun I wont stop having fun
Yo I'm breaking night

I'm from the place where the hoods and the hipsters hang
Where niggas slang cane to boost their name where bitches give brain
To boost their fame
All for a photo by Tone tryna recap the night on the train ride home
Tryna get back in time got work in the morning but I don't give a fuck so

I'm breaking night

I'm from the place where the snakes and the haters hang
Where lame niggas bite tryna be the same
Where people sell they souls tryna taste the fame so they here for a day
Then they fade away
Downtown with some lost souls
No goals
Vampires looking for the talent cause they see me and im moving mountains
But me I don't stress I be chilling out

Its 4 o'clock in the morning I dont wanna go
Cause I got a bad bitch on my side and that trip back to Queens is one hell of a ride

I'm breaking night

So as I indulge in this liquor and this bad broad plays with my zipper
And we both slow dance to this one song
I think to myself soon this is all gone
Once my eyes close and I wake up is it alright
I swore to god that I fell in love last night
I could be wrong though cause if you ask me I said the exact same thing last week
I swear I'm dreaming every night right
I swear I'm dreaming this is the night life
I gotta go home now the times right I can't complain though
This is my life

I'm breaking night
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