Lyrics to Breakfast Talk
Breakfast Talk Video:
Shit what time is it?
Damn, feel like I've been sleeping for years
Ayo Mick you in the bathroom
Hurry up dawg I'm tryna get up

I mean I'm 20 years old but I feel like I'm 80
Living so young driving myself crazy
Waking up baking up
Simmer simmer down
Light a blunt blow the smoke and pass the shit around
Ash trays in the bathroom
The bongs on the balcony
Windows up, the house smells like a felony
My Chuck Taylor habits got me spitting converses
You looking over shoulders like over raws and purses
Bad bitches used go to school with me
But they used to act too cool for me
Now it's sunny this
And I wake up with another text
I don't love em I might wake up with another ex
Fuck it I'm young
And I'm flying through walls
I'm eating my insanity
The remedy's my all
So thats what I give the boy
You can check the facts
And if money talks in a couple months
Then you can check my stacks
I'm good
This is breakfast talk so I'm good
This is breakfast talk so I'm good
Get your cereal
And pour the milk on
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