Lyrics to Break Away
Break Away Video:
Burn me alive and take my life back, I don't deserve this body.
Everyday is another battle, and I'm tired of fighting.
The devil grabs my throat, and now I know that I'm the only one to blame.
Years of empty bottles and broken needles have led me to the flames.

If we know that Hell wants my body
But heaven wants my mind.
How can I come to grip with all these choices in my life?

Break away, break away
From the choices you've been faced with.
You just need to let it go.
Free yourself and let it go.

When all had abandoned me, I looked above.
Holding on to what's left of me, I've had enough.
Serpent, burn in Hell.

We are constantly being pulled under by chemicals that bring us to an end.
There will be no day without a struggle, no task without a payment.

I've been dancing around my demons
Thinking I could heal it all alone
In pain I found myself but I've been missing You the most.

Take your life back
I won't rest until I see this serpent burn in Hell.

Serpent, burn in Hell

(Thanks to David Leigh for these lyrics)
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