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Good morning, class This is your teacher, MJG Look at me as I write my name on the board Class, do you see my name? Do you understand my name? Well, listen Okay Class, today at Break-A-Bitch University We will teach young bustas, playa-hatas And all of these weak, narrow-minded young sissies How to break a bitch Now Really, it's so easy Mister G, I have a question Yes? Pimpology today is different than it was in the 70s Aha I wanna know how can anybody stroll today And if so, what proceeds do we have to go through? Well, check it out First here's what you have to do {MJG:} It's time to let the p-i-m-p in the fuckin front do' One mo' nigga cuttin paper on the down low It's so twisted in this white man's society Why it be hard for a nigga when he try to be Independent, on his own with a plan You hate it cause you can't understand how I can Rearrange and change how your daughter was raised And teach her how to constantly get paid when she's laid Ain't no use in bein the freak of the city, you still ain't got no ducats You want a rolex or ride buckets? Bitch, listen cause you gots plenty of competition from these other hoes Who think that you supposed To fall dead, short, lame to the game Don't worry, put them bitches in your pistol range MJ fuckin G settin your mind free with the type of knowledge Class has started, day number one in Break-A-Bitch College And today, class We have a guest speaker, Mister Fat Mac Please introduce yourself... Good evening, players, good evening Eightball the Fat Mac here I'm here to let you know That these bitches, mean these bustas no good You see what I'm sayin? Now first of all, class Are there any questions? Ah yes, Mister Eightball You bein a Professor of Pimpology Tell me how these niggas let these hoes Get em caught up in that fuck shit Alright buddy, check this out... {Eightball:} Once again here I come pushin that funk into your ear Do you recall Eightball, the player of the year Calm cause I'm cool, and I'm cool cause I'm calm Leavin hoes shell-shocked like they fall in Vietnam Mayn, some have game, but most of them can't handle this Those that I think are stars, end up bein scandalous Welfare recipients, crib full of rugrats Boost a couple of shirts, and now the bitch think she all that Freakazoids have a nigga noid steppin up to me Hoes that'll fuck you fast might be packin H.I.V. Me, I'm packin jimmy hats So a hoe won't give me that Shit about she on the pill Knowin that her pussy kill See, through my education illustrations were the key See, where I'm from only bustas have to pay a fee Now you might ask what can a nigga do to get started Pull a hoe and go enroll in Break-A-Bitch College Ah yeah Now that was a very nice lecture And as I walk back over to the middle of the bulletin board I - I kinda figured, I wondered to myself And I looked at my class, and I It seems that you have more questions Is there any more questions? Yes Yes, Mister MJG I have a question Yes? Ah - in 94 Do you think - ah Any bitches are gonna come up? Can - can any bitches be pimps? Look here, look here Let me tell you... {MJG:} Now these bitches got a lotta game for a nigga, so That made me try to see how to break a hoe What exactly would it take for me to make the bitch click How damn quick could I make the bitch break a trick How fuckin long will it take to make my profit And what kinda justice can this hoe do for my pocket Talkin space-age pimpin, similar to the oldies In ways like keepin our business tight, not by tryina be Goldie These niggas gettin they game picked down to the bone If you listen on what these hoes have to say, your money's gone Nigga, focus on your own rhyme, make em follow your own rules Don't be a fool, nigga, bring that bitch on by to school I got a class for that ass, and it stars at seven 'I was a pimp' at ten o'clock, break till eleven Future looks good for the smartest Niggas in the school of Sir Break-A-Bitch College Okay class, okay class Everybody just needs to settle down Everybody just settle down We're gonna break in about 15 minutes But we have one more lecture, one more lecture Now ehm, eh Calm down, calm down I'm gonna take one more question I'm gonna take - Are there any more questions? Ah yeah - ah I wanna know How can a ordinary busta like me You know, you know ...get in Break-A-Bitch College? {Eightball:} Not long ago I grew up as a youngster in this shit When all I wanted to do is stick my dick up in a bitch That dope made my ends, and my ends bought me weed And all I wanted to see was them young bitches on they knees Uncle Sam, damn, can I get a job, see I don't wanna sell this dope, and nope, I don't wanna get out and rob Today I was coolin like I usually do I met this hoe after a show that wanted to chew me and screw Now some busta-ass nigga woulda fucked the bitch But at Break-A-Bitch College that's called trickin off your dick On the corner ain't no pimps, real players are low-key I'm on the verge of a splurge, settin up shop in Tennessee Ain't no future for the lame, ain't no love in this game Do you fuck them hoes and trust them hoes and love em with no shame? 9 times out of 10, trick nigga, if you do Break-A-Bitch College got a scholarship just for you Ah yes Damn good class, damn good class Wonderful graduates I love em all, I love em all Now class Can you all join in with me For our school alma mater And let's sing it I'm proud to be an alumni From Break-A-College I'm proud to be...

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