Lyrics to Breach Of Endearment
Breach Of Endearment Video:
Velvet Rows turn to dust.
These curtains burn [and] all will rust because of these
eyes sewn shut. Reawaken to justify my contempt.

Which way do we go from here?
I've gone too far.

Turn off the light and smile.
We know it's been a while.
Purposes understood
underneath greater good.
New worlds will now take over
shackled within this order.
Hope you enjoy yourself
in this disgusting place:
women and children crying
men off to war and dying.
When will we understand
blood that is on our hand?

Reborn to a lie. I hope I like it this time. I won't cry.

Gaskets filling mind's thoughts, pressures on,
Can't give up. Can't stop now. What is worth and what is wrong.
Will I fight or will I feign? The refutation of all my fears are coming soon.
Lament for the failed rejoice, for the spoiled to come into this vision of my inspiration

(Thanks to Tyler for these lyrics)
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