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[Braveheart Movie Sample]
Sons of Scotland
What would you do without freedom?
Will you fight?
Fight and you may die,
Run and you will live,
At least a while...
And dying in your beds,
Many years from now, would you be willing to trade,
All the days from this day to that
For one chance just one chance
To come back here and tell our enemys
That you may take our lifes
But you'l never take our freedom

My name is D double E to the K O
And I've been writing rap songs since a day old
A guess even back then you could say oh
That's that boy with the I'll type slick flow
Fresh outa Portobello spitting that fire
Always wanted to be a rapper until the day I retired
Flyer than a helicopter shooting civilians
Like troops out in Irque am making a Killing
In the Game now
Not Eminem But similar skin color
Same feelings towards my mother (Bitch)
A check rappers like am writing on chessboards
The boy Steve told me 'Deek kill them and destroy'
So that's What a will do
Take you back to the boy with the shit shoes
Fastforward to the mic and the Pro-tools
So let me show you crews what a do to dismember you
Cut up you actors like a fucking film editor

Allow me to re-introduce myself my name is Werd
The one and only
Used to rap pretty good That's the old me
A Guess now am so dope a could O.D.
S.O.S. joint CEO (Werd)
Out of Edinburgh spitting that fire
A be that new cunt taking it higher
Tierd of these fakers all spitting the same
A got a flow that's insain care for the name
(that's right Werd)
And I'm gonna get payed
So Girls grab the fella wanna switch like Cinderella
But me make chedder that's a little far feached huh
My mate Deeko told me stick in and they'l check this
So that's what I will do take rap and start a checklist
Score off what we get like fans cash ect
A told you dudes what I do so respect this
Spit hot as the Sahara so rap a won't desert this

(Sons of Scotland)
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