Lyrics to Brave Young New Breed
Brave Young New Breed Video:
Imagine if you were king for a day
And played your little part in history
Would you go first and show us the way
And bring an end to all this misery

Tell me what you'd do
Would you take me through
What is comin to
Would you die with me
Face the world I see
Fight my enemy

Would you stand by me
And be by my side
And into glory we'll ride
Fight till the end as the
Brave young new breed

Hey man if you could be god for a while
And carry out your private judgement day
Yould you forgive and forget with a smile

Just turn your cheek
And look the other way
Would you make a change
Free me from my chains
Loosen up the strain
Would you justify
Reinvent my life
Bring me paradise


I'll sacrifice py the ultimate price
And my duty will be in your command
You hold the key to my future
Believe me my destiny lies in your hands

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