Brand New Harley Lyrics

Peter Mayer

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Lyrics to Brand New Harley
Brand New Harley Video:
You might think I'm a banker, and on weekdays, it's true
But underneath this poly-cotton blend is a skeleton tattoo
Which I got when I was drinking
And I'm showing off this weekend
On my brand new Harley-Davidson

I may work in an office and look respectable and clean
But you should see me dressed in leather on my American machine
You would swear that I'm blue-collar
On my 15-thousand dollar
Deluxe, brand new Harley-Davidson

Come Friday evening
I don't shower, I don't shave
And I put my little earring in
And it's time to misbehave
Yes I will clean your teeth on Monday
Or put braces in your mouth
But don't flash 'em at me Sunday, boy
Or I just might knock them out

My psychologist, he told me that it's important that I ride
So I recreate my warrior who is pent up nine to five
And it's therapy for hours
On my fifteen-thousand dollar
Deluxe, brand new Harley-Davidson

I kick off my loafers
Put on my big black boots
And I swear and curse while I rehearse for
My nasty attitude
Yes I will do your taxes Tuesday
So you get some money back
But call me CPA on Saturday
And I'll have to kick your ass

No I'm not in a costume, I'll bet a junk bond I'm real
I am an archetypal man astride a stallion made of steel
I'm a rebel, I'm a gangster
I'm a whiskey-drinking prankster
On my brand new Harley-Davidson
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