Lyrics to Branches
Branches Video:
I can't separate myself from this mess I've made -- this path I take. Mother, father, sister, brother, these branches will wither away. There's dancing ghosts and closets full of skeletons. broken dreams and broken wishes. No time for goodbyes, no time for farewells. I know I'm not the son you wanted me to be and you're not the father you wanted me to see and though I hate you for all that you are, I still love you with all my heart. And I can't pull myself right out of this place, the desperation, the isolation. Mother, father, sister, brother, where have you been? Watch the branches falling down. I'm sorry I was never what you wanted me to be. I can't understand how a family's love will be the fucking death of me. You know that this will be ending soon. Watch the shadows dancing in the room, ignore the ghosts as they watch you, please tell me you feel this too. Hurry take my hand and I'll show you what two hearts can truly do. We watch the ghosts as they watch us. I hold you as you fade to dust. (No lifeboat to save us, no, not this time. We're only treading water, this is my last goodbye. No lifeboat to save us, not this time. I'm drowning.) Mother, father, sister, brother -- where have you been? Mother, father, sister, brother, please take this pain away from me.

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