Lyrics to Brainwashed
Brainwashed Video:
If i blindly followed id be lying to myself
made the best of life with the cards that ive been dealt
gotta say that ive found peace within myself
wont waste time stand in a line your games i will not play
inside my head the coast is clear
i stand my ground youll never change my mind
refuse to wait i choose my fate
and nothing!
nothings in my way
rules and regulations forced inside your head
follow the herd believe their words
live the fucking lie
inside my head the coast is clear
ill stand my ground got my own life to live
its a brainwash and i see strait through
suckers make you think youve got something to prove
your fucking brainwashed everything you do
following the leader like they told you to
brainwashed! your fucking brainwashed
brainwashed! you've gotta break out
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