Lyrics to Brad Nowell
Brad Nowell Video:
Dear Brad, can you tell me just what's up with you?
We never met, we never will, but i fell i owe big to you
Through your music i've learned more than i thought
"Life's too short so love the one you got..."

Because you knew and you knew it's all about reggae stylee
you know, you better skank to get some money
Because you know and you know you have to fight to have some more
You know one day you're gonna lose the war

You tell me that if i would i could
"Walk up upon the sea like it was dry land" i can go with Louie
Tell me where i can find the S.T.P.
The secret tweaker pad is something so cool to me

You will, you will be missed
"Funky fresh lyrics straight out from Long Beach"
Pick it up from the ground this Jamaican sound

Well okay, that's it, enough said
Sublime's spirit will never be dead
Through your music i've learned more than i thought
Pick it up, take the mic and everything will be all right
For sure you will be missed
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