Lyrics to Bracelet
Bracelet Video:
I remember,
Watching fireworks
From the river
The ashes fell like a shower, I
Saw the city,
And the people,
From the water,
I will never forget the colors, And
Hear the roar,
Of the motor,
As I reach my hand,
Down into the water, I
Hear the music in the caberet
Feel my face in the wind and
The big white lights make the night so bright,
But now,
They're in the distance!

The whole ride home
I was looking in your eyes,
I was, whole ride home
But nobody, nobody
Makes me feel the way you do,
When you're holdin' me, holdin' me
The way you do,
But nobody, nobody
(The way you do)
The whole ride home

We were back by mid-night,
Ran to the beach and made a fire
Soon everybody fell asleep,
We weren't very tired,
She's makin' a bracelet,
Out of beach-grass,
How cool is that?

That's when it hits,
That's when it burns,
That's when she looked and my head just turned,
That's when I knew,
Right when she smiled,
The clouds moved out,
We watched the stars for a while,

The fire light glows, casts
Light on the lake,
She moved her head to my shoulder,
I moved my hand to her leg,
Perfect, exhale (?)
Kiss would be right

This is when suns are setting and
When the girls are laughing and
There will be nights when we're driving and
When your heart won't stop pounding
This is when hands are holding and
This is when lovers are kissing
And your dad, your dad is yelling, and
you got your mother crying
I remember everything
I remember everything
I remember
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