Lyrics to BP
Young girl in hard Daisy Dukes
You thought you'd have a great night (Oh)
You thought with your hot rod and your fast rides (Oh)
That I'll just fall in love with you and agree for you to take me home
But boy was you wrong
It's clear to me you think that we are all the same
That I'll be impressed by your house on the hills
And the fame you claim
Telling me what I can't get out of you
What you will do, what you won't do
But I don't need you and I'm not supposed to
Say you never been friendzoned before
Hopefully your ego will defuse poor child
You look so confused
Guess you've got a reality check
'Cause I got my own check
So, I move onto the next who's more impressed
Better than all your fancy things that don't mean nothing to me
That'll get old but not if you got
A heart of gold
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