Lyrics to Boy Meets Girl
Boy Meets Girl Video:
He waits in silence
Crosses his fingers
Hopes that she'll show up
Never to grow up
It's already nine and
She's already two hours late
Her roses are dying
He's damn near crying
Hanging around
Ego falling back down
He used to love but
He's quickly beginning to hate

He tells himself that it wasn't all her fault
Right about now he's feeling two feet tall
He asks himself, â??Was it worth it?â?
Waiting for some dumb broad
He answers, â??Yes,
I guess that's why I'm in the garage�

She's overrated and
He's still alone
In his room back at home now
Watching the phone now
Wearing his best suit and
Hoping she just lost her way
Of course he'd take
Another excuse
Like if she's dead in a ditch somewhere
He wouldn't care
He'd still fall asleep at night
Knowing she wasn't there


Waiting around ain't the
Best way to win a
Girl's heart, they're smart
They won't bite
That's the lesson learned here
But it's learned out of fear
And he's reasoned himself
To spite

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