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Lyrics to Bounce Wit Me
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Bounce with me, baby, bounce with me Roll the windows up baby, blow an ounce with me We tight of the green and Hen Get in the wind Pick the chipped up flip up and call your friends Lets do it till the police kick the doors in Tell them niggaz get to steppin', let all the hoes in Make room for this big body In a big body, pimp caso, the life of a 'cardi Brave, back as a spade Teeth glistening, hard core, hittin' EightBall the one they mentionin' Hot South southern fried everybody wanna taste Erase hate, and bring love to a dark place Show my face, and get love when I'm recognized G and me in the 5 gettin' high Ball has got cheese Showin' love with the thicky Relax your mind and baby bounce with me Chorus You could cheef on a leaf in a jeep with me Break it down, make it fat, fire it up with me But you know what I really want you to do with me Bounce with me, baby, bounce with me You could sex on ex in the lex with me Lick it up, lick it down, baby, work with me But you know what I really want you to do with me Bounce with me, baby, bounce with me Get on a continental jet 7:30 in the A-M A-T-L bound tryin' to escape the mayhem Beeper off, at the Swiss with my mistress Kissin' me, and lickin' me, actin' like she miss this Playground just for her to play in the hay around Fringe benefits, make her wanna stay around Money makin' cats with gats who love hood rats Thug players who make tracks, and bust raps Confidentialy, we represent Tennesee Gain control, puttin' soul in this industry Bounce, baby, bounce Shake the room up Do it, keep it hyped So we can blast off High into the sky Until the beat stops But don't stop, till all the hoes clothes drop Call big Ball Dr. Sticky, got the remedy Throw your hands up and baby bounce with me Chorus Now I have been many places, seen so many things Did what a lot of niggaz only see in they dreams Hoes used to be like, uh, nigga you too big Now they let me bust shots all over they wig In the bed, on the floor, hot tub everyday I know it be this way, cause I make a lot of pay I smoke a lot of hay, tune up mentally Gentally, grab a pen and kill the enemy Dead, cause everything I said flip like work Made a stack, bustin' raps, doin' concerts hate to see a player doin' good, I know Behind my back, talkin' shit like a little hoe Little did you know, I got the people standin' up Tucked away, in the cut, makin' platinum stuff EightBall spittin' nothin' but poetry Relax your ind, and baby, bounce with me Chorus 2X

Songwriters: PREMRO SMITH / T. JONES
Publisher: Lyrics © Royalty Network, Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.
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