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Lyrics to Bounce That (dirty)
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Throw it to me baby
Imma run it back
Through the whole now
Can ya boy touch dat

Throw it to me baby
Imma run it back
Through the whole now
Can ya boy touch dat

Bounce that thang gurl
Twist it shake it
Bounce that thang gurl
Shake it twist it

Hat cocked hard headed from the bad block
Rats flock, I'm star studded like my shamrock
Off tops when it drops them broads nina pop
I told her don't stop man have you seen her pop
Got damn she hot fam you can't catch her dirty I can
Cuz I'm da man, I am, I don't slow dance, I two step
Tryna chill and post up but that grey goose crept up on me
Now lil mama lookin like she want this (want this)
Hold the bottom of the bat, when I hit I don't miss (dont miss)
Baby maybe you can leave with me, and don't worry bout nothin, A couple G's wit me
Now let me see you...


It's too many niggas and not enough hoes
Soon as I come through the door them heifers pulling on my clothes
White Tee, Crispy Nikes, with some red and blue Girbauds
Push a lil piece of game and don't be mad 'cause she chose Ching-A-Ling
Stay on the scene, green diamonds in my pinky ring, you know they mean
Brush my shoulders off, I stay clean look how I gleam,
Keep a gang of chickens on my team (team)
Ya na' mean, (na' mean)
You a jazzy girl, it's your world,
I'm jus tryna catch a nut so baby call me a squirrel
Betta yet I tell you what imma give yo ass a referral
To my office in the back and gon get it gurl (get it gurl)


Twist it shake it
Shake it Twist it

If you got a fire body wont you back dat thang up
Yo type of thighs make yo boy wanna back his Range up
If you throw it my way Imma snatch that thang up
Once I beat it up them docs gon have to patch that thang up
I bet you neva met a player like me (like me)
Tryna get in them pants I might be (might be)
Pass it to me like I'm Bulger and let me Ram it until I bring that ass to a closure

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