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Lyrics to Bounce Like This
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Chinchilla to the floor
Ciggarella full of dro
White Benz double doors
I can change color though
Blue Ferrari red Bent
Black truck on 24's
Several cheverlots on 20 inches maybe more
Used to wish for better days
Now I wish for never more
I can go 'bout anything
Stick my dick in every hoe
Grand hustling on everything
PSC in every store
Selling everything from rubber bands to leather coats
Swear to god I'd never change
Other niggas never know
T.I.P. ain't never been a lame jigalow since '84
Blessed wit astonishing ability to pull a hoe
Fuck her so good make her think this dick was full of mo
Pussy so good but I love the way she suck it slow
Her motto you don't swallow what you sucking for?
My motto you ain't balling what you hustling for?
These vvs's let off such a glow to let the busters no

Hey hey
Hey shawty bounce like this just bounce
Let me see you bounce like this
Hey hey
Hey shawty bounce like this just bounce
Tell the bitch to bounce like this
Hey hey
Hey shawty bounce like this just bounce
Aw my nigga bounce like this
Hey shawty bounce bounce like this
Just bend it over and bounce like this

I give you 30 seconds show me what you got - could you?
Bend it over for me drop it like it's hot - could you?
Wiggle your titties a little lift your top get ya to
Bust it open show your panties and your ass for me
Actually I was thinking you, Kim and Daphanee
In the back licking the bottom half of me
Answer me first no then saying no is blast from me
Me I'm pussy pumper number 1 you can ask for me
I know how you dance for me
Say you had plans for me
Save the conversation
Get your partner out the pants for me
Damn honey you'd be a fool if you ran from me
You ain't fucking with another dummy I'm the man honey
I'm trying give to you to make you stand funny
Throw that pussy right and maybe you can get a grand from me
Ha picture pimping giving you some money
Not a one damn dime but your ass is fine


Hey hey now shawty bounce wit me bounce wit me let me see you see ya bounce wit me
Hey hey now shawty bounce wit me bounce wit me let me see you let me bounce wit me

Now shawty stall if you want to I ball when I want to
The fall threw and shut down the mall if I want to
I could make your girlfriend choose but I want you
Why you bother me what you will or you won't do?
Listen shorty I'm a grown man and you're grown too
You can live with me I don't gotta telephone you
All I'm thinking 'bout is me laying on you
Or vise versa with a lot of ass to hold on to
I got something for that ass to bounce on to
You're missing a chance of a life time - why don't you?
Hop off in the droptop, ride through the city lights
Take you where I kick it let you see what pimping living like
Pop one of these see what you feeling like
Taking off your clothes want to know what it's drilly right
Presidental suite at the very end of the night
Treat you like a freak and give you what was missing in your life


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