Lyrics to Bougie
When I'm milly rich, I went a [??] billy bitch
Count the cash while my lil bitch bounce her ass
Richard Mille cost 150, that's you stash
Popping shit on Instagram, that's your....
[??] gon' crash
I got a bag, I'm doing the most
Get on the boat, I'm in a yacht
I'm with a thot, give me [??]
[??] drop, I get ghost
Pull up...

[Lil Durk]
You want some diamonds, you don't want no bag, you're think you're bougie, huh?
And you don't want no Fashion Nova, you want some Gucci, huh?
And when we're out, I can't be seen 'cause I don't know who you fuck
And why she think she playing, this shit be groupie love
Ohh, I think I'm bougie
Mike Amerie jeans
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