Lyrics to Bottled in Cork
Bottled in Cork Video:
There was a resolution pending on the United Nations floor
In reference to the question, "What's a peace keeping force for?"
Who believed it would be solved in a day?
No one who walked out of that building on the 8th of May
In their tired-suited, worn-eyed way
I got a message from my sister, she just had a kid
I had to get to Copenhagen to see how she did
My haircut startled a Canadian, he called me a "skid"
Though the charge for roaming the international's well hid
Someone is listening on my phone when I show up on the grid
Me - I'm just a loner in a world full of kids - egos, and ids
A year before we were getting in, getting bottled in Cork
On television, Congress crying about abusing the pork
I told the bartender we were all from New York
Sometimes the path of least resistance will gain you the most
Well, more than trying to map the distances up and down the East Coast
When you're in Munich making music, raise your glass and say, "Probst!"
(make it easy on your host)
Over mountains and far away
Your tribuneral mockeries of justice still dog my steps
Until I see that next smiling face
A little good will goes a mighty long way
A little good will goes a mighty long way
I finally made it up to Sweden to see Little Dove
Some folk remembered our last meeting and bore me no grudge
And from the bartender, complimentary mugs!
Oh, if only I could stay a while - what am I afraid of?
All this psychic damage of all the years I'm made of...
Tell the bartender, I think I'm falling in love
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