Lyrics to Bottle Rocket
Bottle Rocket Video:
Shake it off, shoot from the hip and vacate the promises You did it well Refresh your breath and choose the one from the reconnaissance Good girls don't kiss and tell Good girls don't kiss and... Tell all your friends the best evidence was nothing I'll put on a show for the ages and the audience The body does the damage; face comes in to sell it The hero's dead before his character develops I'm going out to witness your new tragic fetish Don't sweat it Don't sweat it, charm over aesthetics Get this kid a drink and call the paramedics Has it ever crossed your mind I might be slightly listening? The search for boys deployed beyond the gents and Joes (I won't let it go) Put on a smile and scan the crowd The one calling home sick from the lost and found Pretty performances, well, pretty performances sold you... Out of the way there's no time left to bargain I've got a story that comes up short on line (You wanted this way, you're getting it all) Hi, the name's forgettable; it's so nice to meet you Please just look around until somebody better sees you (Don't sweat it baby) Hold onto that ticket to save you from Your unoriginality gets you some Can we examine all the false honoring for champions of genetic lotteries?

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