Lyrics to Bothered
Bothered Video:
(Don't be bothered, no.)

Don't be bothered by the fears.
I'll try to bottle them like my mother's perfume.
She wore it only on Sunday,
kept it safe in her room in a chest with a key.
We found it anyway.

Don't be bothered by the fears.
They'll only join us like the sky that blushes red tonight.
And makes the wind die down,
calms the troubled sea (more out of duty than pleasure,
but out of pleasure nonetheless.)

Your fire burns me like a favorite song.
A song I should have known all along.
I feel you move like smoke in my eyes.
And that is why.

Don't be bothered by the fears
that sing from my eyes like carillon ringing only on Sunday
on the roof down our street finally Over the River.
Ring for you, ring for me, finally, forever.
It's just I never, it's just I never thought,
I never thought that I could be this free.
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