Botanica De Los Angeles Lyrics

Xiu Xiu

Angel Guts Red Classroom

Lyrics to Botanica De Los Angeles
Botanica De Los Angeles Video:
You should have known
yet unashamed
that there was no way
to save
your wasted flower of youth
but you feel the same
in spite of all he did to you

sweet heart cut up face
that I would have died any number of times for
beat down and beat down
so peculiar so beloved

don't look away
be rough on the weak
true love ought not wait
but has
the pistol is raised to your lips
the feel of a kiss is gone
gone as soon as it ends

sweet face busted teeth
that I would have died any number of times with
slapped around like a clown
so peculiar so beloved

Hyunhye dead
Kathleen dead
Molly dead
Natasia dead
Denise dead
Mylinh dead
Mimi dead
Jessica dead
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