Lyrics to Boss Ass Bitch
Boss Ass Bitch Video:
I employ these niggaz
They be grown men but I little boy these niggaz
Want the cookie so I gotta chips a hoy these niggaz
But I neva iphone, android these niggaz
Use rubbers wit em, I'ont neva raw these niggaz
More money than em ima son all these niggaz
I ain't shoppin but its like I gotta store these niggaz
Put em on time out and never call these niggaz

Pussy like girls damn is my pussy gay?
Its a holiday, play wit my pussy day
Pussy this, pussy that, pussy taken
Pussy ride dick like she a jamaican
Pussy stay warm, pussy on vacation
You loose bitches need a pussy renovation
You could eat it wit a pussy reservation
Pussy bout to get a standin ovation

Clap, clap clap for this pussy nigga
But I can't give this pussy to a pussy nigga
Awww man, slow down. ima give u smthn dat u cld hold down
But I can't give u head, I'm too ill for that
Ima make a movie still, kill bill for that

Cuz wut da fuq? this ain't chanel nigga? custom down?
Wtf? I ain't smokin hot? bust me down?!!!?
U da same clown nigga dat was runnin me down?
Now u all up in da sauce, cuz u wanna be down?

I said rule #1 to be a boss ass bitch
Neva let a clown nigga try to play u
And if he play u, then rule #2
Fuck his best friends, then make dem yes men
And get a dick pic and then u press send
And send a red heart, and send a kissy face
And tell him dat his friends love how ya pussy taste
And dats rule 3, I am da school t
My wrist look like I am a jewel thief
But dats just cuz I am a boss bitch
Now macaroni cheese & grill my sword fish

If he catch my drift, he could catch my jizz
I be out in cali runnin all my businesses
I be out in cali watchin bak my christmas vids
Every time I fuk him, yes I tell him this is his!
Looked down at it and I said "this is big"
Man my game so cold, I said "this is rigged"
Best flow in da game, this is not a lie
Tell dem bitches cross their t's and dot their I's

I came back bitches flows still boring
I said "damn, man go back to whoring"
U know I still lead the league in scoring
U know I'm still bad and I'm still foreign

Ima give bitches time to get hot
Chill out at the game, new york knickerbock
If they actually got bars, they could rock
But if not, ima destroy chicks a lot!
Oh, but on da real, I'm in album mode
Just dropped this freestyle b4 these files get old
When I lay low, bitches be safe & sound!
When I come back they betta not make a sound!

I order rich bitch sauce!
Rich bitch cold, got a rich bitch cough!
Which bitch want it? I go rich bitch off!
Cuz u know my style gettin ripped, bit off
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