Lyrics to Bosozoku
Bosozoku Video:
I come on this song like the Onibaku Combi
Down the Yankee Road / Zephyr Kawasaki
You move too slow, follow the flow of the crow
Fuck the norm, fuck this life, fuck the power of the law
Ready of not, I'm the keeper of the race
Of the road, of my goal, I'm gonna protect my place
Heavy like a Stone, Rolling like a bike
Live fast, die young, ready for the fight
I don't wanna grow up / Ready to die
This life is tough like a rock,
Fuck it, let me become the king of my block
One Shinigami, two Shinigami
Three, four, ask to the death who's your daddy?
I'm still hateful like when I was seventeen
They said I'd go nowhere, you know what I mean?
My English sucks but my lyrics kill
I take time to learn, now I've skill
Let's ride this fucking shit to the world's end
Tell everybody that my friends bled
Forever in my veins, my youth's pains
Head down, the king is dead
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