Lyrics to Born Young
Born Young Video:
You were born young, seeking something like the sun
I was born off – a little soft, a lot of lost
It will be much harder than it will seem, but haven't we
both often dreamed?

Hues of dawn cast – the oven gas, the candle crack
It's all so fast, I hesitate to even ask…
It will go and come again, if we can hold
Haven't we both often known? Don't we come into our own?

Haven't we both often dreamed?
I mean, haven't we?

Flash your cracked teeth – there is nobody here but me!
Who knows we two? There never was a one but you
It will cut down deep, though, like a life, it will heal clean
Haven't we both often dreamed?

You were born young
It's all so fast
I was born off
You and I, we were born young

(Thanks to Monk for these lyrics)
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