Lyrics to Born To Die
Born To Die Video:
Come in, you're running, you're fighting, You're bleeding, you're playing like a crack, But you stay in the tracks Living you're hating, you're trying, You're loving, you're fighting to the core And you're breaking all the doors Come on, you're rising, you're trying, You're growing, you die Born to die Come in this game with the hardcore The most hostile Born to die Come on & play, come on & play You have no choice because if you lose You will pay I want to try, I want to try I make a higher bid if I lose I die I kick the ball right through the stars I get the points to hide my scars I want to destroy all this place But multiball fall down on my face After all I'm still alive And I continue the strife Here comes the end level monster I want to win & kill this motherfucker I'm the game society dog Guardian of the keys of all doors Laws in my mind fascist god I want to kill you motherfucker Burning you fire takatapaw fire Burning you motherfucker fire Takatapaw Rebel people is rebel people is Rebel people is born to die !

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