Lyrics to Born Of An Insidious Nature
Born Of An Insidious Nature Video:
Travel with me
To the vast depths of hell
See my creation
The grand bait and switch
Torture, and hatred
The tools of negotiation
My promises of pleasure
The tool to stay the mind

Heaven's dark secret is my divine plan
Toil rewarded, soil diverted
The graveyard kingdom, still rotting flesh
Their paradise embodied in life as in death

Trapped by virtue, chained to the throne
Your payment comes later, your freedom at last

Death is your promise, eternity in stone
Spend your life to buy my love
Pay off the debt, that I owe you

My trade is deception, the chains of guilt
My work is destruction, the craft of god

Now, you see
I am born of an insidious nature

We see now the depths of illusion
We remember now the chains that bound you

Now I know my fight
The final struggle in sight

The memory that trapped your heart
Is lost...

The tyranny that finds us now
Is vast...

My strength, your wisdom
Evil's bane, to slash illusion

The renaissance taught us much
Sadly so, we're quick to forget

The enlightenment of ages past
Lost to eternity
The power of the mind, the evil of divine
I challenge you, evil's form I challenge you, virtue's form
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