Lyrics to Borders
I'm a theoretician...if I speak will you listen?
Will you open your ears? over the years I've been noticing nobody hears us
So I'm promoting awareness, death awaits, let me set the stage
I'll attend your banquet then wreck the place
Defecate on your deviled eggs!
When I go to church, I pretend to pray then i peculate the collection plate
Our collective aim is to educate with a record breaking retention rate
So elevate! ELEVATE, i can pen a phrase you can't replicate
Investigate the alleged legislator then bail on election day
I'm a renegade, above the average. ten grenades in my duffel bag
These undergrads eat a couple tabs and greet Uncle Sam with a knuckle sandwich
No question you met your match, when i attack in a hannibal lector mask
Head band with a hand full of petty cash, amnesiac like forget the past (uh)
Nipple deep in a heap of shit, scribble ink on a sheet and dip
Proceed to quit then i recommit, keep it lit, bring static when the needle skips
Let the paint on the easel drip, Ac been away on a ego trip
Everybody now a days wanna be so hip, Entre's in the house so the beat gon' flip like

You never saw this comin'
We never thought to warn ya
But now its all or nothin'
I'm bout to cause a ruckus, off & runnin', crossin' borders. GO
You never saw this comin'
We never thought to warn ya
But now its all or nothin'
I'm bout to cause a ruckus, off & runnin', crossin' borders. GO

Not a man, hes a monster, out for Grammys and Oscars
A pathetic, non athletic, slob on a fantasy roster...praise Jesus
We stay day dreaming instead of seeking change
Brain teasers be the main reason he seems deranged, yet
Im speaking plain English and I'm pleading for peace
But the people ain't give a shit, they finna dip and they leavin' the seats
Not to offer no ovation, nah, there ain't no way
The audience often has no patience but its A-OK with me
See I'm used to getting snoozed on, no kidding kiddo, the host of a shit show
Broke as a joke, I'm used to clippin' coupons
I'm used to whipping hooptys, fuck a tint...i got a window missing
The hubby wanna love the misses but the bitch don't listen
So he can be the temptation, mistress in bed waiting
Betray trust, what can i say...we may fuck but we don't make love
For the sake of lust we willin' to risk it...and by it, i mean all
Literally i mean all, now ain't that a bittersweet kick in the balls
Oh shit....i think that I'm lost
My fingers are crossed, praying that i make it out
In the meantime, sit tight
P. squares...Entre's in the the beat gon' flip like

You never saw this comin'
We never thought to warn ya
But now its all or nothin'
I'm bout to cause a ruckus, off & runnin', crossin' borders. GO
You never saw this comin
We never thought to warn ya
But now its all or nothin
Im bout to cause a ruckus, off & runnin, crossin borders. GO

I'm done with that lyrical shit...sike!
Souls I kill eternally over Internet hype, hyperbole
Leaving out words because it worries me
That people won't get this shit physically or verbally
Vast majority smarter than they look
I'm racist to idiots
Live in an infinite inception insidious
Insist you sit the fuck down
With that black and white shit like sin city is
Simplistic plastic fake ass shit is hideous hypocrite
This land is your land this land is not indigenous
Indian in my blood for proof, slave in my blood from roots
And I'm affiliates with the trilliest
Choices we make are qeustio-nable
Presto chango . VOTV and the rest is cable
Shout out to Willy's shit but I'm on my seven billy shit
And I don't like how they feel themselves and act like they ain't feeling this
It doesn't vigor-ate niggas hate
Shit ain't perfect figure 8, eight figures on dinner plate
Don't entertain me with jesters with juggle gestures
We need: bad bitches, Hennessy, and a cup that measures
21 in the 21st century for the lust and pleasure
Falling in love is pressure but that's all I want nothing lesser...

Yo, not a rapper, I'm a stoner with a hobby
Roll me up a smoke and hit the road in a jalopy
Code of hammurabi, eye for an eye
Tooth for a tooth, nobody is fly as your boy (yup)
I'm the whole enchilada, need a hoe like i need an eigth hole in my noggin
No hope for the trolls and the hobbits
Habitually bitch and burning bridges when I scroll through the comments
Yeah I read what you wrote...then forgot it
Spew molten lava, screw the bulb in a socket
Rode my toboggan through the snow to a cottage in the grove, not a novice..I'm a pro, methodic with the flow
I put the dumb in fundamentals, thumper to my temple as I'm puffin on a menthol
Chain smoker, ac a lame oaf in need of a makeover
My nickname be the sweetie pie smoocher, last name rap game D.C.I. Luther
A loser, feed to my rumors and riddles at random
Try fathoming that...

Wacker than wack, fact: everybody see me, give me guff
Whether on the street or in the club, bring the buddha
True to nothin' but the motherfuckin' hustle
Bring the ruckus like a mutt without a muzzle, get the moolah, fuck bitches is the motto y'all adopted
Trippin' like he sippin iowaska with the shamans No you gotta be a spirit not a ghost
Stove topic get too hot, they go and drop it to the bottom
On a rocket to the moon like, Houston we got a problem
We spit acidic as vicious as Sid is from Johnny Rotten
We damage the public image
Damn if I ain't admit that we may have just done and did it Like, wait just a fuckin' minute
What it isn't is committed, that's just the way i feel
Fuckin' right we on some rap to pay the bills
Aim to kill, evacuating the building
Fantasy to be seeing more stacks than a paper mill
Either shit or go and get up off the shitter
Each breath may just be the last you ever take
Cheat death baby then we laugh up in its face
Fact is you'll never make it off the planet of the shapes
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