Lyrics to Borderline
Borderline Video:
I was on the borderline
I was on the edge of my mind
I was on the fourth of july
Hey kid, it's a medium lie.

I was on a bridge in the cold night
I was on a mountain in sunlight
I was on river in the way
take too much take too much to take

I take too much take too much to take

I had a dream the other night
I was making love like I was alright
I was on some hagar shit
too young to die, too old to quit.

Then I got it in my mind,
that I was gunna ?

And I walked into a bar
and i fell in love with a girl
Now the only thing I want
is the thrill of feeling calm
with you in my arms
with you in my arms

I was on a bike in a country road
I was on I just dont know
I was in the backyard of my mind
looking for you is not easy time

I dont have time to worry

And when my life come for me
with you I want to explore

Everyone goes where they want
they dont need no excuse
I was lost in the haze
I was looking for you
I don't have no shame anymore
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