Lyrics to Booze Hounds
Booze Hounds Video:
I keep livin' this shit one day to the next
Or is it bottle to bottle?
I seem to forget
The after-party
My call to arms
The after party
Come on down!
Constantly, read my rights
Baby I'm wavin' my right to silence
I give thanks to the drunk tank
My only sanctuary
My self-destructive state of mind
Drink and the devil on my side tonight
I'm sinkin' but I can't swim
I'm thinkin' I'm a hot-bed of sin
Here comes the fiend in me x2
The devil's after me for my soul
Can't pay the toll with rock and roll
Suffer this shit one shot to the next
God I'm the living dead
I made a monster out of me
I can't tame the beast
Three sheets to the wind losing balance
Evading the vultures talons
Killin time till I get caught
Leave me here
Let me rot
Bury me in blue suede shoes, a ten gallon hat and a bottle in hand
Know that I was the match
Struck fear into the hearts of man
The bottle and the truth
My blood is one hundred proof
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