Lyrics to Boots Boy
Boots Boy Video:
You can have my boots, boy
I don't wear them.
You can have my suit,
I don't care.

Don't need a lot of money
Don't want just anybody
I want you
Nobody but you

You can have my car,
I've got legs for running.
You can have my guitar,
I've got breath for humming.

You can have my television,
As long as I've got lips for kissing you.
Nobody but you.

We can build a fire,
We can let it grow.
And I won't deny her,
Won't let her go.

Tell me jokes that may seem funny,
Meet me downtown, let's spend my money.
You can call me Charlie, call me Sam,
As long as you call me your loving man.

I got two legs, I got two hands,
Hold me and I will stand by you,
Nobody but you.

Don't want nobody but you
Don't want nobody but you
Don't need no television
Don't need no pot for pissing
Don't want to sit around wishing

I want you, I just want you
Nobody but you
Don't want nobody but you
Don't want nobody
Don't want nobody

I don't want nobody but you,
Nobody but you.
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