Lyrics to Boom
Boom Video:
Boom [x4]

Have you ever had something that you knew you had to say.
But the message wasn't so pretty couldn't say it a ncer way.
Kinda like you jealous, you selfish, you gotts bad attitude.
Gotta watch the way you living cause it comes right back to you.

See my grandmama told me that I better tell the truth.
Cause if I hold this ifomation and just let it groove it's gone feel like.

BOOM! first comes the magic and then the smoke and then the fire
BOOM! you feel the flames, and then it grows and takes you over.
BOOM! it burns a while, can't tame it down like an explosion.
BOOM! I gotta tell it I got gotta tell it cause Jeremiah said it's like fire.

You don't seem to have a probem when my language is porfan
But you're offended and insulted when I say In Jesus name.
But still I close my eyes about my head and fall to my knees.
Cause my commition is much stronger then my need to plea.

See my grandmma told me that you better tell the truth
Cause if I hold this information and just let it groove it's gone feel like


FIRE [x5] I been holdin back to long, jusybeen going alone but I got something to say.
Need to make a littl bit more noise help accompany my boys starting today.
There's a hole you can't deny, ther a love that never dies
A power that you just can't hideto deep to keep inside.

[Chorus x2]
Songwriters: Campbell, Warryn / Atkins-Campbell, Erica Monique / Atkins-Campbell, Trecina
Publisher: Lyrics © EMI Music Publishing, Universal Music Publishing Group
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