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Every night before I go to sleepI open a book no one knows I keepI hold my special secrets to myselfThings that I couldn't tell anybody elseCHORUS:Memories in each and every line (each and every line)Can't take that away from me (away)Because you will always beIn my book of dreams (my book of dreams)My hopes and memoriesTakes us to a place in time Where the sun will always shineMy book of dreams (my book of dreams)My lands of fantasyI just close my eyes and flyAnd I'll always have you in myBook of dreamsI found a page I wrote when we first kissedNow I know that there is no greater love than thisThe words I wrote that are still true todayRemember I love youIn a perfect wayREPEAT CHORUSSo very real you seeJust like your loveEach page is a part of meREPEAT CHORUS

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