Lyrics to Bonus Track
Bonus Track Video:
They Say Benzs Roll Beamers Jet And Cadies Keep On Dippin' Well I Must Be Trippin' Im In The Old School Pie Flippin' Sellin' Them High Jippin's Tendin' To My Pimpin' Time Flippin' Late Im On My Way Not Enough Hours In The Day To Be Dre Im El Presidente' I Run Things Tow Gun Things And Never Run From Things Brave Heart But Im Not Mel Gibson Im Dope Like Coke That Was Cooked In The Kitchen Dabbin' Revolution Stabbin' And Im Goosin' Mini-Me Laptops Many Beats That Knock Lots Of Hemph Lobster Nopt Shrimp Big Perm Maybe I Pimp Some Babys All Ways Shoppin' No More Hall Moppin' Hella Nikes With Gucci Hella Nites With Ku****

[Verse: Slicks]
I Tell Baby Play Casper Be Friendly Ghost On Em' After You Host Onm Em' She A Team Player I'll Play Coach On Em' Like A Dubbie In The Jump Play Roach On Em' Won't Smoke On Em' If It Ain't Dalalalots Of Notes On 'em C Status Won't Holla Till Its G Status What Eva Me Wont Me Have See Me Lavage Yo' Cash Might Be Last Gimme That Push Like Like Little Mama In Labor I Push Push Thats Real Talk All Squeal Talk Cause Cause Were The F*** U Cut 1 Jig All Naw B**** Was'nt Enough And Till' This Day Wont Love Wont Get Paid And 4 U This Song Is 4 Me Juist Like The B**** Say

[Verse: Dubbies]
Now I Can Talk A B**** Brain Out Her Noggin And Slide Across Th Ball Room Like Kaballa Wizzle Be A Fool 4 We Get The Smobbin'i Knock A B****Brain Str8 Out Her Noggin She Stay Dipped In Pradda And Erry Peace A Dough That Beeze Touch I Got It Beat Goes 4 Another 30 Sec
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