Lyrics to Bone House Corporation
Bone House Corporation Video:
Hide your words in you, masks are lost
Unshaped thoughts, secrets and hopes
Always bleeding, the endless lie
Gentle words of cliche, so easy to trust
An abandoned face severed with lies
Patched with masks, truths denied
Strikes of pluck are fakes of an illusive heart
Sham visions, delude to deify

Strained morality convincing,souls of purity has torned
Is deceit the only way of seducing
Not to crawl all alone?
Owing what you've gained to a swarm of lies
Unfaithful respect, a darkened price

Rise up, never stop
It's just a drama on the shores of crest
Embrace the truths trauma
Strikes of thoughts are fakes of an illusive mind
Bone house corporation, temple of lies

Just push the door and come inside
Let yourself for a crime, be inspired
Bone house corporation
Industry of suicide
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