Lyrics to Bonded
Bonded Video:
There's a place I like to go
Far away where nobody knows
And the sun never goes down
I can lose myself n the light I've found
Cause when I'm. I'm in need
It's your love my heart receives

I bonded with the Son today
And the rays He gave, they light my way child
I bonded with the Son today
And I heard Him say â??It's all right nowâ?

People come. People go
Some leave you when you need them the most
God is love. He longs to be
More than you can believe
Taste. Taste and see
That this love. This love is good


I bonded with the Son. The Son
I wanna lay everything (down) at Your feet
I wanna see You in my dreams
Speak to me
Take me to a higher place
So I can see

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