Lyrics to Body Language
Body Language Video:
Hey sexy, my lovely lady
No one can make me feel as god as you do
You let me know what you're feeling by the way that you move

A lot of sweet talk is second handed
Cause the language that you speak, I can understand it
You're speaking body language, s sexual and so sweet
Body language, it feels so good to me

Its an intimate form of communication used all over the world
The language between a man and a women, and a boy and girl
It needs no translation, it needs no edification

There's a whole lot of freedom of speech in your walk
And the swaying of your hips, it really talks
You're talkin' body language, you're speaking when we're making love
Its your body language, you're speaking when we're making love

Body language, when we're walkin' through the park, yeah
Day time and after dark, we're dancing on the floor
Especially behind closed doors
Hey mama, if you wanna know, I'm ready
I really go the message clear and strong, yeah

Now its no lie, the look in your eyes
Here's an instant turn on
And when we're hooked together by the chains of desire
It's total communication, nothing to put up a fight

Cause we're speaking body language
Speak with me, I wanna make love to you
Body language, speaking while we're making love

Body language
(so, so sure, and so sweet)
Body language
(feels so good to me)

Body language
(so clear and strong, yeah)
Body language
(it's an instant turn on)

Body language
(while we're dancing on the floor)
Body language
(especially behind closed doors)

Body language
(way you walk, you're speaking)
Body language
(I love the way your body talks)

Body language
(used all over the world, yeah)
Body language
(man, women, boy and girl, yeah)

Body language
(I love you, I love you)
Body language
(I love to hear and speak to you)
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