Lyrics to Body And Mind
Body And Mind Video:
I don't want your body, I don't want your mind
Cos those things are easy, so easy to find
I don't need your money, I don't need your warm glow
When everybody is out to destroy my soul

So you packed up a suitcase, you stood at the door
But oh, how I've seen this, I've seen it before
So I ripped up your letters and threw them across the floor
I can't stand to read them now, or anymore

And we will regret all the mistakes
That we swore we'd never make
How we were forgot, but never forgave
And how it will end this way

I don't want a body, I don't want a mind
But I never can seem to leave them behind
So take all your money, and take, take all your warm glow
I can't love somebody that tries to destroy my soul

Oh, how I regret all the mistakes
That I swore I'd never make
How we were forgot, and never forgave
And how we will end this way
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