Lyrics to Boat Of Millions Of Years
Boat Of Millions Of Years Video:
Horus, the son of Isis, lay in the marshes of Buto,
poisoned by Set.
She called out to the High God Ra
to kill this evil, that her child may live yet.
Casting aside her present fears
she called out on the Boat of Millions of Years...
Ra came and saw
and stopped the sun until he had cured
the life of the innocent.

Horus the Good lived in the North,
in lands of fertility and beauty
but Set stayed in the hard desert,
to him belonged all drought and perversity.
While he sheds his tears
beneath the Boat of Millions of Years
he fights to kill the hawk,
bearing with him evil and darkness.
But Horus lives with the sun.

Forever the battle rages,
evil tries to kill the innocent baby
and only Osiris, the Lord of the Dead,
can eventually save it.
So we must cast aside our future fears
and call out on the Boat of Millions of Years.
The God of Love is on our side
and with him we shall not die...
there's life in the Sun!
There's life in the Sun!
Only in violence is the cause lost:
in peace, grey Set can't kill our baby of love.
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