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Tha Joker

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Lyrics to B.M.F (Rick Ross Freestyle)
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Ballin hard gettin 2, 3 jump money.
And next friday hydraulic pump money.
Frank luckus dog house find tha stash money.
And if I ever go broke black mask money.
Shows all around the world on my ten toes.
65 million views bxtch who U callin local.
Corner store 5, 000 in my levis.
U got that sock money guess I got that knee high
Freddy Krueger baby chasin I'm a flowin terror.
Catch me on the beat then you gone need Paul Bearer.
Funeral perception did I forget to minsion.
Everywhere they notice me & I ain't never been on television
Smoked a Blunt of purp now I'm standin on the roof.
Then I smoked another one I wish I had a parachute.
These wacc rappers borin, 106 annoys me.
Cuhz I'm so sick enough she had to change the channel for me.
Fa sho I'm so po please don't play me like a hoe.
Pistol paccin get it craccin like a glass on the floor.
Gettin rich & runnin shit & I did it in a white t.
I bet hoe gone feel the fiji everytime she touch me.
I rock the bald fade, you bout as cool as hayes.
And I'm shit like I been in the sewer 3 days.
Is you gettin money, 2 Big Thumbs.
Ain't had a job every since I dropped part one.

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